Who Will Cry When You Die (Hindi) – Robin Sharma


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When the world is busy in a quest for the bigger materialistic things, we lose sight of the true pursuit. While we are busy running behind worldly gains, we also run away from real happiness and peace. Taking readers on a life altering journey in pursuit of inner peace with the voice of their spirits guiding them, this book is a self-help book that provides ways of making life more rewarding.

After the immense success of his first novel The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin Sharma has written this book in an attempt to continue transforming lives of readers all over the world. With ways that can help readers look at life with a glass-half-full vision, these ways can be successful in making lives considerably gratifying.

Step-by-step instructions about transforming thinking, and inevitably their lives, have been described through the various chapters in this book. Though written in a simple fashion, the wisdom of the book is priceless.

Who Will Cry When You Die (Hindi) – Robin Sharma


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