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Dr. Dilliraman Regmi was born on December 17, 1913 in Kilagal, Kathmandu. He took M.A. and M.Litt Degrees from India. In 1961 Patna University conferred on him a PhD in economics and later he obtained D.Litt. from the same university. Dr. Regmi was the first Nepali who received honorary D. Sc. Degree from the then Soviet Union. He passed away on August 30, 2001.
Dr. Regmi wrote and published several volumes of books on Nepal’s Ancient, Medieval and Modern History including A Century of Family Autocracy, Nepalese Democratic Struggle, Whither Nepal, etc.
The late Dr. Regmi, a learned scholar, had deep interest in reading books, journals and newspapers of different subjects and collecting materials of archeological significance. His quest of knowledge induced him to collect books, journals, newspapers, rare photos, and archeological materials such as stone and metal sculpture of gods and goddesses, etc.
The late Dr. Dilliraman Regmi was one of the multidimensional personalities of Nepal. He was a senior politician, a great historian and lover of peace and non-violence. He was also known as a freedom fighter who had joined Gandhi’s movement for Indian independence. For his activities against British Regime, the British Rulers of India put him in prison in 1941 and released him after 5 years. Dr. Regmi as a pioneer of the democratic movement in Nepal played a leading role in the restoration of democracy in Nepal through non-violence. Dr. Regmi got involved in politics since 1936. Nepal National Congress was founded in January, 1947 in Calcutta, India on the initiative of Dr. Regmi and his friends when they were in exile in India.
Whither Nepal – D.R. Regmi


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