Tales From The Arabian Nights (Om Books) – Sir Richard F. Burton


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?A loss that can be repaired by money is not of such very great importance.? when king Shahryar discovers that his wife has been unfaithful to him, he kills her and resolves to marry a virgin every day and behead her the next morning. Scheherazade, his next bride, uses her wits to stay alive. She starts to tell the king an intriguing story each evening, but withholds the ending to sustain his interest in the next evening tale. A thousand and one nights later, the king spares the storyteller life forever. Tales from the Arabian Nights presents a fine selection of the stories that saved Scheherazade?s life. It includes some of the world?s best-known adventure tales such as the exploits of Sindbad the sailor, alaeddin, or the wonderful lamp, and Ali Baba and the forty thieves. The collection is replete with intrigue, satire, murder, mystery, romance, magic, horror, and even touches of science fiction. The cast of characters includes djinns, monsters, spirits, sorcerers, kings, queens, and commoners. Innovative in form and content, tales from the Arabian Nights features tragedies, comedies, erotica, historical events and more.
Tales From The Arabian Nights (Om Books) – Sir Richard F. Burton


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