Right Living (The Teachings Of Sri Shivapuri Baba) – YB Shrestha Malla


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Right Living (The Teachings Of Sri Shivapuri Baba) – YB Shrestha Malla | NATURAL DISASTERS like Japanese Tsunami, Earthquakes, Nuclear Blasts, Radiation Hazards, Environmental Pollution & Diseases like Cancer periodically appear causing untold suffering to the living & non-living creatures. In course of time they disappear also. But the HUMAN MAKES, such as, ARROGANCE of the rich and the IGNORANCE of the poor, Organised Crime, Poverty &Prostitution continue to make him suffer even more! How to protect him from them? By living RIGHT LIFE. This is rennovated and resuscitated by the Shivapuri Baba and made uptodate in modern language.?
RIGHT LIFE has his twin brother as Nature, whom God, his Father, had created in the very beginning! It teaches us THREE DISCIPLINES: the FIRST DISCIPLINE gives him material prosperity, the SECOND , in addition to this, gives Occult Powers also and the THIRD qualifies him for the HIGHEST which is characterised by Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, 100% Bliss and Immortality. Man is born to achieve them but unfortunately has forgotten them! That is why he is suffering!?


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