Quest for Adventure (Old And Rare) – Chris Bonington


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Himself a famous adventurer, Bonington has assembled stories of modern adventure and tried to discover their common factors… What is the connection between Wilfred Thesiger, whose journeys across the Empty Quarter were an experience of deep personal impulse, and Neil Armstrong, whose moon-steps were controlled by computer and watched by 500 million people? Why did the yachtsman Moitessier, certain of being the first to sail non-stop round the world, decide not to come home for the prize but set off instead on a second circuit? What was the point, for two men as different as Fuchs and Hillary, of arranging to meet at the South Pole? Why do plumbers and poets, soldiers and suicides, millionaires and family men and single girls, do these amazing things?’
Nicholas Wollaston, THE OBSERVER
Quest for Adventure (Old And Rare) – Chris Bonington


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