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My Life With Osho – Osho | The story of a man who, for 12 years, lived at the feet of the most controversial spiritual Master of our age: Osho. The author is one of the few European disciples who had the good fortune and the courage to stay with Osho through a series of tumultuous events, both in India and particularly in the United States.

Life with the Master was unpredictable, insecure and chaotic, as Osho was creating new challenges for his disciples on a daily basis.

While describing this adventurous journey, Dr Azima also sheds light on contemporary spirituality and presents a seven-step path for seekers.

This is a powerful story, a deeply devotional book and a must-read for any spiritual seeker. Dr AzimaV. Rosciano studied medicine in Italy, obtaining his M.D. in Medicine &Surgery at the University of Palermo in 1977. After a short period of working in conventional hospitals in Sicily, he left Europe, travelling overland to India.

Once in India, he met Osho, immediately became a disciple, and remained with him until the mystic’s death in 1990. Transformed by this experience, Azima returned to the medical profession, and soon became one of Italy’smost recognised and respected homeopathic doctors. Since then, he has published two books on medicine and two CDs of music therapy, as well as many articles in various magazines. He also has given several interviews on radio and television about the relationship between medicine and meditation.


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