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Maha ko Ma – Madan Krishna Shrestha (bestseller) |

Maha ko Ma is an autobiographical book that throws light on the unseen and perhaps the harsher side of the life of one of the most eminent entertainers in the Nepali entertainment scene, Madan Krishna Shrestha.

The book shows the behind the scenes struggles faced by Madan Krishna in accomplishing his title as the most coveted comedian and actor in the Nepali industry. Despite the book having many experiences that have been shared by Madan Shrestha with Hari Bansha Acharya, the ability of Madan Krishna to depict a completely different view of the same experiences as written in the autobiography of Hari Bansha, China Harayeko Manche, without repeating the stances has garnered praise from critics and fans alike.

असाधारण र बहुमुखी व्यक्तित्व मदनकृष्ण श्रेष्ठको ‘रोलर कोस्टर’ जीवनको कथा हो, महको म । पुस्तकले श्रेष्ठको बाल्यकाल, प्रारम्भिक सङ्घर्ष, रुमानी प्रेम र विवाहदेखि कलाकारितामा सफल हुँदासम्मका उहापोह, श्रीमतीको क्यान्सरसँग लडाइँ र आफ्नै स्वास्थ्यसँगको पौठेजोरीसम्मको यात्रामा पाठकलाई डो¥याउँछ । पुस्तक पढ्दै गर्दा लाग्छ— दुःखका पहाड कति अग्ला, संवेदनाका खाडल कति गहिरा, हैरानीका गुजुल्टा कति जेलिएका र खुसीका रङ कति चहकिला हुन सक्छन् भनेर ।


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