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Madal – Subi Shah | Madal is a well-known musical instrument associated with the primitive history of Nepali music. It has become one of the most striking features of our cultural life. But not everyone can understand the exact history and usage of it. Hopefully, the book ‘Madal’ will help those who want to know more about Madal.

Mr. Suvi Shah, who is interested in folk culture related to folk life such as folk music and folk instruments, is well versed in this field. As he is also an expert in the art of singing and playing, it can be hoped that his research on this subject will be beneficial and will also contribute to the development of the pure form of folk music and folk instruments. The book presented on the subject of Madal, which has become a national instrument, is still useful for students, and it will also be respected by those who have lost Madal. Thanks to the author for publishing.


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