Little Red Book of Punctuation (Old And Rare) – Terry O’Brien


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Punctuation (from the Latin punctum, a point) is a necessary part of written language. In this book, Terry O’Brien explains the importance of punctuation marks: they act as road signs on the highway of communication-to control speed, provide direction and avoid head-on collision. This book discusses, at length, the need for various punctuation marks, including:
? commas and apostrophes, ? full stops and semicolons, ? dashes and hyphens.
Terry O’Brien helps the reader understand the usage of all these marks and how to apply them correctly. Little Red Book of Punctuation is the guide to clearing any confusion caused by errors of punctuation.
Terry O’Brien is an academician by vocation and a passionate quiz enthusiast by avocation. His leitmotif is the igniting of the quizzing instinct and an aptitude to develop the 3Rs of learning: Read. Record. Recall. He is a trainer’s trainer and a motivational speaker who has written several books. His flair for writing and speaking comes naturally to him.
Little Red Book of Punctuation (Old And Rare) – Terry O’Brien


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