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Kathmandu Then And Now – Tirtha Narayan Manandhar | When I read Mr Tirtha Narayan Manandhar’s book Kathmandu…. Then and Now, I find that the historical aspects of the Therabadi movement of Buddhism have all been presented very exhaustively. During the period of Rana rule in Nepal, it was not possible to promote Buddhism adequately, and then the expelling of Buddhist Bhikshus into exile (in India) gave one the impression that Therabad Buddhism had appeared almost non-existent in Nepal. Later, after the visit of Bhikshu Narad Thera to Nepal, the historic movement he launched in collaboration with Bhikshu Amritananda have all been properly documented in this book, which is extremely praiseworthy. This book will now make it possible for people to read about the history of the revival of Buddhism in Nepal.?
Tirtha Narayan Manandhar’s contributions to the establishment of Anandakkuti Vidyapeeth are indeed prodigious. Together with him, the four of them, which included Purna Man, Bhakti Lal and Dwarika, were often referred to as the four wheels of the mobility of Bhikkshu Amritananda. We should also not forget the contributions Lok Ratna Tuladhar as well who worked in close collaboration with them.?
Nowadays, Tirtha Narayan is serving not only in the capacity of secretary of both Swayambhu Management Committee and Anandakuti Sponsors Association, but he is also involved in activitiles of the Anandakuti Vihar Trust. His contributions in the fields of Buddhism and culture and social service are exceptional.?
The release of this autobiographical book which has come to be published in his memory will I feel be found indispensable for all those who are are interested in the history of Buddhism in Nepal.
Bhikshu Kumar Kashyap?President All Nepal Bhikkshus’ Association


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