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Kali – Vivienne Kondos | The central theme of the book revolves around Kali, time and metaphysics. This theme is pursued in two ways. The first is with four short pieces which focus on aesthetic issues at the centre of which is Kali. The second consists of four previously published ethnographically based papers but which have been subjected to extensive revision so as to fit into the central theme. Kondos?s key contention in dealing with various issues concerning Kali is that western theory, models and ways of thinking are inadequate for an understanding of this complex figure and her attributes. Rather, Kondos argues that for a fuller and more appropriate way of understanding and appreciating this intriguing deity is through Hindu theory, Hindu metaphysics and the Hindu processual approach to the world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vivienne Kondos is currently an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Sydney. She obtained her doctorate at this university where she taught in the Department of Anthropology. Dr. Kondos has written numerous papers on Nepalese politics, culture and society based on extensive and on-going field work with Parbatya and Newar peoples in Kathmandu.


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