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Just Like That – Osho | For Osho, all change is individual. There is no ?society? to change?change can only happen to each one of us, one at a time. So, no matter what the subject matter of the book, the thread that runs through all Osho?s words is like a love song that we can suddenly, mysteriously, hear at just the right moment. And strangely, no matter what the words seem to be referring to, they are really only referring to us. This is no ordinary love song, more an invitation to open our hearts to hear something beyond the words, beyond the heart . . . a silence beyond all understanding?where we all belong. Just Like That brings together Osho?s talks on Sufi stories and Sufism. Osho, with his characteristic wit, incisiveness and irreverence, peels the layers of our consciousness and introduces us to ourselves.

1 review for Just Like That – Osho

  1. Bijay Sangroula (verified owner)

    When it is Osho, not more is needed to say about the book. Just Like That is a masterpiece which contains 10 discourses of Osho on 10 different parables of Sufism. These 10 stories with Osho’s insight totally gives a way to life. For Osho, all change is individual. There is no society to change – change can only happen to each one of us, one at a time. So true and so deep he touches an individual. I really loved drinking this cup of tea. This book helps to understand Sufis & Sufism. “Simply trust. Do not the petals flutter down just like that ?” Unconditional trust & love toward this existence can give us the glimpses of that which is unknowable.
    What can be said about the music that comes from the womb of the silence. It can only be felt. Hence, in introduction section Coleman Barks writes, ‘at Osho’s level of being, introductions are unnecessary and serve mostly as puffery for the introducer.
    Let the music begin.’
    I say, ‘ just don’t read this book, sip it slowly, slowly with great taste to get more thirsty.

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