Iss Prakar Chanakya Bole (Hindi) – Radhakrishnan Pillai


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?CONQUER YOURSELF TO REMAIN UNBEATABLE. On your path to success, both the biggest hurdle and the biggest support is your own mind ? depending on how you have trained it.?

No school or university teaches us how to make friends, have a successful career, maintain a healthy married life, run a family or live life in general. How many times have we wished for a roadmap to navigate the confusing landscape of daily-life, to have a guidebook to show us the way?

In his much-awaited book Thus Spoke Chanakya, bestselling author Radhakrishnan Pillai decodes ancient texts from the illustrious Kautilya?s Arthashastra within the context of modern times and doles them out in short, crisp passages for everyday practice and use.

A perfect read for those who yearn to master the teachings of Chanakya for overall success.

Radhakrishnan Pillai is the bestselling author of Corporate Chanakya, Chanakya?s 7 Secrets of Leadership, Chanakya in You and Katha Chanakya. He has a PhD in Kautilya?s Athashastra and a Master?s degree in Sanskrit. A renowned management consultant and speaker, he heads the Leadership Center at the University of Mumbai.
Iss Prakar Chanakya Bole (Hindi) – Radhakrishnan Pillai


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