Finger Pointing To The Moon – Osho (Old/Rare)


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Finger Pointing To The Moon – Osho (Old/Rare) | In Finger Pointing to the Moon: Talks on the Adhyatma Upanishad, Osho draws on the ancient wisdom of this Upanishad to reflect on God, religion and the liberation of the self. Religion for him is not worship, devotion and prayer, but mumuksha, the deep longing for freedom from the fetters of everyday life that can lead a seeker on the path to enlightenment. When one reaches this state of kaivalya, the abode of truth and eternal bliss beyond mind and speech, one becomes unified with the God within oneself. Then one achieves true knowledge and true mastery over the self. These seventeen talks that Osho delivered at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, make this book a truly enriching guide for those seeking to look within and find answers to the enigmas of human existence.


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