Encounter Wildlife in Nepal (Old And Rare) – Karna Sakya


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Encounter Wildlife evokes Karna Sakya’s vision of wildlife
conservation in Nepal. It is result of his adventurous expedition to hunt the little known endangered creature, “the pigmy hog” that led him to the dense tropical jungles of Nepal and Assam in India. Vibrant from the details of
real life drama that takes place in the heart of the Nepal Terai, the book contains Karna Sakya’s fundamental thesis
about his strategies and plans to tackle the problem of widlife conservation. Disgusted with the Nepalese system
where bureaucrats dominate the technocrats, Sakya visualises the preservation of the natural and cultural environment as an essential component of tourism and inturn tourism as potential source of conservation and preservation. Considering the conflict between the park and the people, he believes the Nepalese villagers to be
first-rate naturalists and lays emphasis on the policies that can yoke conservation with pragmatism. Sakya lays his faith in the better understanding of the biotic system of a given environment and denounces the type of wildlife
research being carried out without prioritisation. Encounter Wildlife is a candid attack on the myopic governmental policies that in years to come are sure to endanger the Nepalese wildlife in such a way that there may not
remain in Nepal “a blank spot”, a spot which for the coming generations can become the geography of hope. “the story of an enterprising Nepalese… the book is proof enough that a conservationist need not necessarily
Encounter Wildlife in Nepal (Old And Rare) – Karna Sakya


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