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Do As I Say Not As I Did – Carol Frank|Inspirational stories about successful ventures abound, but here the reader will find brave entrepreneurs baring their souls about how they got hit and lived to tell the tale. The sometimes gruesome, often incredible details, will have readers shaking their heads in disbelief-and in thanks that it wasn’t them, Most business books show you how to do something right. This book dares to show what business leaders have done wrong-so you can learn from and avoid their costly mistakes. Combining humor, candid stories of personal struggles and strategies and rock solid business sense, Do As I Say, Not As I Did is a roadmap to eventual triumph. It also is a celebration of victory in the face of adversity. Entrepreneurs and employees alike will enjoy, value and be inspired to apply these real-life lessons. You will discover the following: The deal is never done until the last dollar is in the bank, Success can be an entrepreneur’s biggest enemy.


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