Dear I Love You – Arun Sabtharishi


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Dear I Love You – Arun Sabtharishi | A guy sees a girl, falls in love… woos and wins her love. They both experience the ecstasy of love that develops between them and both realise the purport of love. They discover that love is blind, literally blind against anything in the world. The guy makes a mistake; he seeks forgiveness from the girl. The girl too commits a mistake. Again the guy seeks apologies from her. Does the girl forgive the guy modestly for the mistake SHE has made? Beyond just hormone secretion or the chemical reaction that takes place in the human body, love is something more. Trust…hope…life… This is a story of love, affection, bliss, blues, hassles and harmony between a guy and his girl when both are forced to acknowledge, Dear, I love you!


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