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Corporate Chanakya is a management and leadership guide that applies the ancient wisdom of Chanakya to the contemporary corporate environment.

Chanakya or Kautilya established a vast empire and was known to be a spectacular manager and strategists. His skills for finding, nurturing, and moulding potential were well known. His foresight and ability to plan aided Chandragupta in becoming the emperor. This book suggests that all of Chanakya?s genius can be applied to the field of business management. In this book, the author has carefully selected Chanakya?s wisdoms and compiled them to explain how they can be used in a corporate structure.

The book has three sections that deal with leadership, management, and training respectively. Sutras from the Arthashastra have been chosen and included in each section to illustrate the important principles of each topic. The book advises managers and corporate executives who come up with strategies to clearly analyse, visualise and map out the details of a situation before taking action or even making a plan, the way that Chanakya used to.

The attributes of a leader are listed and explained in this book. It highlights zeal and energy as one of the most important traits for a leader. An apathetic and listless is uninspiring, but a leader who is enthusiastic, clear in his vision, and who believes in himself strongly will succeed in convincing his people to follow him with equal enthusiasm.

The book also has a section on business ethics. Corporate Chanakya is in Hindi and was published by Jaico Publishing House in 2012. This first edition is available in paperback.

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The book became a national bestseller after being published.Corporate Chanakya (Hindi) – Radhakrishnan Pillai


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