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Breaking Twilight – D. B. Gurung|It is 2006, which marks the end of a decade-long Maoist insurgency at the cost of over sixteen thousand lives.

Three guerrillas are captured from the battlefield and brought to the army barracks, and among whom there is a young girl, Kopila. She has joined the Maoist revolution under circumstantial compulsions, including her marriage when still a child. Major Himal Ale, a bachelor in his late thirties, experiences a mysterious chemistry at work on meeting Kopila and that takes him into a journey deep to his past.

Partly a love novel and partly a metaphysical thriller, Breaking Twilight presents a picture of a complex multi-ethnic nation in a flux; a nation etching its own destiny with its fledgling democracy, economic stagnancy, environmental degradation and volatile politics. But throughout, the novel is a most poignant portrayal of love, loss, yearning, humour, revelation and finally redemption, while depicting the uncanny survival spirit of its protagonists


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