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Bounded in Chains – Ayush Pathak | Eighteen year old Sam, a simple Indian boy with modest lifestyle and mediocre expectations, has always thought to have a simple and cozy life, but the destiny meant otherwise. His life takes a vertical turn as a stranger enters his life and then starts a series of adventurous events in which no chapter of his life remains the same as previous one. And then follows the mysterious disappearance of the stranger turned friend. Who is Aryan? And what role has he played in altering Sam s life? As Sam recalls his past life experiences trying to unveil Aryan s secrets with the help of his friends Rohan and Srishti, a tragic death occurs which totally shatters his soul. All Sam has got in hint by his lost friend is a piece of parchment saying- THE ANSWER LIES IN A SERIES OF EVENTS IN WHICH THE PREVIOUS TWO EVENTS DETERMINE THE NEXT ONE What is the puzzle referring? And what dark secrets will it reveal? The adventure has just begun! Will Sam and his friends ever get over the tragedy? What are the dark chains lingering across their lives? Will they ever be free, or their dreams would forever be bounded? Meet Sam, Aryan, Rohan and Srishti: four average Indians, and join their extraordinary journey of friendship, love and survival….


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