Bharatpur Bird Paradise – Martin Ewans, Thakur Dalip Singh


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Located between Agra and Jaipur, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur is Asia’s most spectacular bird sanctuary. Its 29 square kilometres of lakes and marshes, woodland and scrub provide a home, permanent or seasonal, for well over 300 species of birds. Some storks, cranes and smaller birds are winter migrants from Siberia, Central Asia or Europe; others are permanent residents or local migrants from among the 1,200 species identified in the Indian sub-continent. They use some 44,000 trees for nesting purposes every year during the monsoon and winter. Bharatpur thus provides a singular opportunity to observe a variety of birdlife.
This book serves as a useful introduction to the Park for ornithologists and amateurs alike. The author presents an overall picture rather than an inventory, his vivid descriptions of selected birds being supplemented with informative photographs, a map and a checklist. His intimate first-hand knowledge and keen observation combine with the lucidity and warmth of his style to make this book a delightful companion for the visitor as well as an absorbing account of a Mecca for bird- lovers the world over.
Bharatpur Bird Paradise – Martin Ewans, Thakur Dalip Singh


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