50 Thing You Can Do Today to Manage Menopause – Wendy Green


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50 Thing You Can Do Today to Manage Menopause – Wendy Green|In this world of inequality, menopause unites all women regardless of race, religion, wealth or education. However, each woman’s experience of menopause is individual, varied and unpredictable. Many women reach menopause with a personal preference about treatment options or natural approaches acceptable for them. Attitudes to menopause vary. Some have complained that it is a natural event which has become over-medicalised. Each woman deserves to be able to make an informed decision on what seems correct for her.This book with its friendly, easy-going style, offers a wide breadth of information and valuable practical advice to meet all needs. It embraces the diversity of women’s experiences and responds to their differences. About The Author: Wendy Green is a prolific writer of handy little books on common health problems. Holding a first class honours degree in Health Studies, she is a trainer for a health promotion programme.


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