12 Lies Husbands Tell their Wives – Sheila Riter


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12 Lies Husbands Tell their Wives – Sheila Riter|The perfect book for every husband who’s ever uttered the words, I’m Sorry, I won’t do that again. Marriages can thrive only where there’s real intimacy. So why is it that husbands sometimes feel compelled to misstate, shade or just flat-out lie to their wives? In this breakthrough book for men, Tim and Sheila Riter tackle the twelve most common lies that husbands tell their wives and reveal what husbands wish they could really say. Husbands will be relieved to find authors who understand and relate to their experiences, and wives, no doubt, will find it fascinating to learn what’s really going on in their husbands’ hearts and minds. Let the honest communication begin.


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